No More Yearly Illness (Jack W.)

I began treatment with Dr JC about a year ago to correct multiple problems resulting from misalignments in my spinal column..the most extreme symptoms included severe pain in my ribcage, shortness of breath and constant headaches.

During my treatments over the past year Dr. JC often explained about the “Wellness” benefits of chiropractic care..not just relieving pain. I’ve discovered as I look back that there have been several changes in my overall health in addition to the pain relief since receiving regular treatments.

I thought it was normal to suffer 2 to 3 colds each year with accompanying sinus infections lasting several weeks and requiring multiple courses of antibiotics. This year I have not had a single cold, sinus infection or flu; and I didn’t get a flu shot or any other preventative inoculation.

My usual speaking voice was ”raspy” or graveled and I took over-the-counter cough drops daily to relieve frequent coughing. That has cleared completely since receiving chiropractic care.

I used to have a slight ringing in my ears that no longer exists.

In general, I find I have more energy, am more alert, more tolerant, my outlook seems happier, and I just feel better.

There are probably more subtle improvements I haven’t yet recognized, but it seems Dr. JC’s theory of maintaining a healthy spinal column certainly does result in a healthier body and state of “wellness”.


Jack Wallace 

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