WebMD Natural Remedies For ADHD – Better But Not Quite There

WebMD Natural Remedies For ADHD

WebMD Remedies - Wellness ChiropracticFor many years, the standard disclaimer regarding ADHD has been that “we don’t know what causes it.” This becomes very clear when watching the ads for various medications that are supposed to help with ADHD. They all end with a similar disclaimer.

With that in mind, it seems risky to then give our children medications with known side effects in the hopes of handling something with unknown causes.

I’m pleased to see that there has been some progress. There’s still a long way to go toward getting the real reasons for ADHD fully revealed and the correct therapies known by all. But at least the internet website WebMD is now talking about nutritional supplements or dietary additions for this problem. WebMD comments that the use of zinc, fish oil, and iron supplements or foods rich in those ingredients could be useful.


The Information is Better – but not Complete

While I appreciate WebMD’s endorsement of a drug-free method of overcoming this diagnosis, there are three problems with their approach.

1. It is shotgun. In other words, their solution is to throw some supplements or nutrients at the problem and see if there is an improvement.

2. The article does not discuss food or environmental allergies or toxins. If these exist, supplements like those above might help a little or might not help at all.

3. It could entirely miss the real problem. This is why close examination of the person’s health is necessary before making a guess about what supplements could help.


No Substitute for Experience

My heart aches for the mother who is seeking help for a child whose potential she fully understands, who finds the webMD article in her online research. Yes, it is better than nothing and it points a person in an alternative (and better) direction than drugs, but it falls so short of being adequate advice that it pains me.

When a mother (or father or other family member) sits down with me, they not only get my educational background, they also get my experience. I have seen any symptoms of ADHD disappear due to the correct diagnosis and the correct handling and I can convey that to a family member who is struggling to understand. There is no substitute for education plus experience and that is what I am proud to share with the families that come to me for help.

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