A Warning About ADHD Drugs

A Warning About ADHD Drugs

If you have been told by teachers, school administrators or doctors that you should give your child ADHD drugs, I have to give you a warning. For the moment, let’s set aside any arguments about whether or not they are needed and just look at the drugs themselves.

These drugs are addictive. They are widely abused. Some of them are remarkably similar to or even identical to drugs that people are getting on the illicit drug market.

So when you follow these recommendations and give your child these drugs, you are setting foot in very dangerous territory.

Of course you are not giving your child an illegal drug. But you are sending a message that administering a drug is an acceptable way to deal with a problem in life.


Some Drugs Are Life-Savers

Warning About ADHD Drugs - Wellness ChiropracticI don’t want to give you the impression that I am against any drug at all. There are plenty of people who would not be alive if they had not had the right drug used at the right moment. And that brings me to the point I really want to make. Administering drugs is the right thing to do when there are no other options.

For example, drugs are often needed in life-threatening emergencies. Or when a person needs the help of painkillers to get through a short period of intense pain. Sure, painkillers are addictive and widely abused, too. But the person’s quality of life for the period of intense post-accident or post-surgical pain might be so terrible as to lengthen his physical or mental recovery greatly.


How Is It Different With ADHD Drugs?

The diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder does not indicate a life-threatening situation. There is time to investigate and implement other solutions to ADHD symptoms.

For this reason, accepting a recommendation of ADHD drugs should be a family’s LAST RESORT, not the first, second or third thing they try.

Education on this topic is not necessarily made readily available, either. Even the warnings about the drugs themselves are printed in such small type that they’re nearly impossible to read without a magnifying glass. Information about what precisely is ADHD and what the causes and potential remedies are for the symptoms is also not easy to find without a lot of looking and sifting through the good from the bad information.

If you have been given a recommendation like this, I can help you learn about the many causes and solutions. I can support you through the process of seeking solutions. Call my office to get started.


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