TMJ Disorders And Activator Methods

TMJ Disorders And Activator Methods

jawMany people have problems with the TMJ – but may not even know that it is a disorder of this joint that is causing them problems. The TMJ is the temporo-mandibular joint – that joint where your jawbone (mandible) connects with your skull just in front of the ears. This is the joint that enables you to open and close your mouth or chew your food.

More than 35 million people have some form of disorder related to this joint. When there are problems with this joint, it is harder to chew, smile, breathe and make normal facial expressions. The jaw can click when it is moved and the ears can ring. There is often pain involved. That pain can exist in the joint itself or in jaw muscles, neck or shoulders or it can appear as a headache.

The treatments for TMJ problems can be serious. I know one young woman who had surgery to reshape her jawbone in an attempt to eliminate her pain. Years later, she was still trying to resolve the problem.

In many cases, chiropractic care using Activator Methods can help provide relief from TMJ problems without resorting to surgery that may or may not be the correct solution.


Eight Out Of Eight TMJ Patients Saw Improvement With Chiropractic Treatment

I found a great study that showed the kind of results patients can get when they seek chiropractic treatment for TMJ problems. Eight patients with TMJ problems received treatment with the Activator Method for their full spines and the TMJ joint. After two weeks of treatment (3 treatments per week), all eight had considerable improvement in pain and a significant increase in their ability to open their mouths comfortably.

I also noted that the TMJ Association cites the recommendations of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on what kind of healthcare provider to look for. The NIH recommends that TMJ patients should “look for a health care provider who understands musculoskeletal disorders (affecting muscle, bone and joints) and is trained in treating pain conditions.” That is a perfect description of a chiropractor.

If you suffer from TMJ, then you should call my office at (636) 391-1611. A quick exam should help us establish whether we can help relieve your TMJ suffering.

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