Sitting Improperly Affects More Than Your Spine

In my last blog post, I discussed the proper ways to sit/stand at your desk to avoid back and neck pain. To some, a little back or neck pain is a way of life. They don’t consider that it is something that can be fixed and they don’t see the back pain for what it is – a serious indicator that demonstrates that something needs to change. They can physically feel the pain in their spine, but little do they know that several other parts of their body suffer because of the misalignment.


The good news is that anyone can get improvement for their back pain by improving their posture. It is because of this I have decided to outline so of the negative effects of poor posture that most people wouldn’t know and they are as follows:


Improper Digestion


When you remain in seated for a prolonged for a prolonged period of time, your intestines are compressed.  This makes them incapable of functioning at ideal levels. This causes the digestive process to slow leading to discomfort or delayed metabolic conversion (your body’s ability to break down foods and convert them to energy).




Slouching has been proven to negatively affect your mood. Those who sit for prolonged periods of time report higher levels of depression. When you remain seated your external and internal process slow down and energy levels decrease which, in turn, affects your overall mood


Varicose Veins


Sitting for prolonged periods of time can also lead to the formation of spider veins. This is caused by the increased pressure of sitting and lack of blood flow through the body. This is much more common in women than in men.


Increased Stress Levels


Compressing your body constricts breathing. This causes stress on the body because your lungs and heart have to work harder to compensate for the constriction. When you sit upright with broad shoulder and an open chest it allows you to breathe easier. It also increases testosterone levels making you feel empowered further which results in decreased stress.


Aside from the several negative health consequences I have highlighted, poor posture can make you look unprofessional, tired, and unmotivated. When you sit up straight you simply look better. When your boss walks by you and sees you sitting up straight you will look much more focused and alert.

Now that you know the some other consequences of poor posture, I’d like to suggest that you re-read my original blog about how to improve your posture while you are at your desk. By improving your posture, you can experience a return of health and a reduction of back pain.


Don’t let your chair bring you down


And if you have back pain, lower back pain or knots in your shoulders from sitting all day long, call me today and arrange for your pain consultation. I’ll help you get to the bottom of your pain and help you get relief. (636) 391-1611

P.S. Check out my blog next week when talk about how the office lifestyle can cause weight gain and how to prevent it.

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