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Does the idea of having someone “pop” your neck make you nervous? If you have chronic back pain or headaches, you may have heard that chiropractic can help you, but have been too scared to have someone twist your body in a way that seems unnatural or painful. Dr. J.C. Carpenter, can help you.

When compared to other practices that relieve back pain, chiropractic methods involve no cutting, no addictive drugs, and no hospital stays.

However, some people get very nervous at the thought of allowing another person to control and “pop” their neck – regardless of how much training they’ve had.

This can bar the road to natural gains for those who would otherwise benefit from chiropractic techniques. Even if they do receive an adjustment, the fear may make them tense up their muscles, keeping the adjustment from working properly.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Carpenter has devoted his practice to using one of the most gentle forms of chiropractic procedure – Activator Technique, known more formally as Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique.

Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique is a system of adjustment which is delivered by a very directed force from the Activator adjusting tool directly to the area requiring an adjustment. It delivers the force faster than the body can react, which allows the adjustment to be done without the twisting, torquing , cracking, or popping noises associated with some chiropractic adjustments.

Activator Technique is chiropractic gentle enough for anyone

Because it is so noticeably non-threatening, anyone from the smallest baby to the oldest adult, to the most active athlete can be adjusted with the Activator protocol. Its effectiveness  is enhanced by the speed of the thrust which prevents the patient from “tightening up” in advance of the thrust, as the patient simply lies face down on the adjusting table and relaxes, while the chiropractor has them perform a series of painless movements which locate any joint in  the body which is not functioning properly neurologically. Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique has more papers published in peer reviewed journals than any other technique in chiropractic.

The benefits of gentle chiropractic

Activator technique delivers all of the amazing results of chiropractic procedure, gently.

  • Headache relief
  • Back pain relief
  • Sciatica relief
  • Migraine resolution
  • Assists recovery from sports injuries

And because Activator Methods are very gentle, anyone can benefit.

More information is available about Dr. J.C. Carpenter, D.C. and the Activator Method here.

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