Scientific Support For The Activator Method

Scientific Support For Activator Method

If you have ever been adjusted using the Activator adjusting instrument, then you will know the beneficial effects it can provide. Many of my patients arrive at my practice because they have been adjusted with this instrument elsewhere and want to continue.

Scientific Support - Wellness ChiropracticBut if you have not been adjusted this way or maybe you’ve never been adjusted anywhere before, it can be difficult to grasp why so many people prefer this method.

I found a scientific report that provides support for the Activator method. I don’t want you to have to wade through the scientific language, so I will “translate” for you.

In 2013, a research project was completed to find a way to measure the change in the body after an adjustment using this method. The researchers used a device that can measure the tightness of a muscle. The way it works is that it can sense the changes in electrical activity in a muscle. It makes sense that if a muscle is abnormally tense, it would have a different level of electrical activity than if it is normally loose and flexible. And that’s what this device measures.

These researchers took readings along the spines of sixteen patients and found the areas that were the most tense, according to the electrical readings. The tenseness was also checked by the doctors manually. This is one of the most basic skills that chiropractors learn in school.

The Activator adjusting instrument was then used to adjust subluxations in those areas in half the patients. In the other half, traditional chiropractic adjustments were done. If there was an improvement in the muscle tension, then the readings would be different after the adjustment. And of course, they were. There were 31 specific sites of tightness monitored in this research project. In 24 of these 31 cases, there were significant improvements in the electrical readings, indicating that the muscles had loosened. In 3 more cases, the changes were more minor but there was still an improvement.

What this means is that you can choose this gentle, comfortable method of chiropractic and expect the same benefits as traditional adjustments. And for many people, this more gentle method of adjusting means that they are more willing to stay with the course of treatment they need to achieve correction of the health conditions that are bothering them. In a few cases, it becomes possible for them to complete the treatment. In the event of severe pain or pregnancy or perhaps advanced age, the Activator technique has plenty to offer.

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I look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

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