Profits Aren’t Always Made When Helping People – A Sad Truth

Profits Aren’t Always Made When Helping People – A Sad Truth

When ADHD symptoms are resolved through the use of natural means such as diet change or nutrition, profits aren’t made from it. It’s like taking a walk – no one makes any money from taking walks, so it’s never advertised or promoted. This is why, as a parent, you must be very cautious about accepting a diagnosis of ADHD for any of your children that comes with a recommendation of one of the popular medications for this condition. When an ADHD cure is found, no pharmaceutical company profits, they see no benefit. Only your child and your family do.

ADHD Facts and Figures.

  1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the estimate of children with ADHD was 5%.

  2. A recent survey asked parents if their children had received a diagnosis of ADHD. The result of the survey showed that 11% of all children have been diagnosed with ADHD.

  3. This means a potential patient pool of more than six million children. That is a lot of customers for pharmaceutical companies if they can convince doctors to prescribe their drugs.

  4. In some states, children are FAR more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than others. For example, Nevada has the lowest rate, with only 5.6% of children said to suffer from this problem. But in Kentucky, 18.7% of children were diagnosed with ADHD.

Is there any reason that Kentucky children could be in such terrible shape compared with children in Nevada? It doesn’t make any sense to me.


Doctors Don’t Find Thorough ADHD Evaluations To Be Worth Their Time

Profits For Pills - Wellness Chiropractic

Frontline on the Public Broadcasting System spelled out a major problem with the way the ADHD is prescribed. Dr. William Dodson commented on whether or not ADHD can be correctly diagnosed in a short office visit: “In order to do a good, adequate evaluation, you need several hours: to do the evaluation: to rule out all the things that might mimic ADHD; to thoroughly evaluate all the things that can co-exist within ADHD; to educate the parents about the use of medication, and about the ancillary [additional, supplementary] treatments that are going to be necessary; to do a quick screening for learning disabilities. A good, thorough evaluation takes time.”

To see the detail on this kind of examination, check out this page:

If a doctor spends this much time evaluating a patient and educating patients, he is going to have a hard time charging enough money for these hours of his time, therefore he sees less pofits. Insurance certainly won’t reimburse him for his time because their standards for an ADHD diagnosis don’t include this kind of time investment.


Reasonable Cost, Reasonable Results

When I work with parents, I have the opportunity to thoroughly examine the child’s history, nutritional deficiencies and additional factors. While at first, this level of examination may seem to take more time than a fast diagnosis and prescription, in the long term, it costs less than the prescription itself – and there are no dangerous side effects to worry about.

Anyone who attempts to diagnose ADHD should have training in nutrition deficiencies, allergies and other stressors like exposure to toxins in the environment, since all these factors and more can contribute to symptoms like ADHD.

In a short amount of time, with a very reasonable investment, we can reach some basic conclusions about natural options available to you to deal with a diagnosis of ADHD. You don’t have to settle for it. If you are in the Ballwin, Wildwood or St.Louis areas, call my office to find out how we can help.

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