The Origin Of An ADHD Diagnosis – Who Starts The Process?

The Origin Of An ADHD Diagnosis

origin - Wellness ChiropracticThere are many people in the healthcare, social or personal counseling fields who might decide that your child suffers from ADHD symptoms. Let’s take a look at a few of the people who might be sending you this message.

Your child’s teacher is the person who is most often the origin of the ADHD diagnosis process. You may receive a report on disruptive, inattentive behavior by your child with an implied or stated diagnosis of ADHD. Your child’s teacher may have already sent your child to the school’s guidance counselor who may either endorse the teacher’s diagnosis or present their own.

As honest and caring as these two people might be, neither one is qualified to diagnose ADHD. Some reports indicate that these individuals have, in many cases, told parents that their child should be medicated and even stated which medication should be used. I have seen reports from parents or others involved that the faculty of the child’s school have even indicated that dosages should be increased.


How Do Teachers And Faculty Learn About ADHD?

The internet is one source of information for these faculty. I was startled to find a detailed article on identifying ADHD in girls (where, the article says, the “symptoms” may not be as obvious) on Scholastic Magazine’s website. In fact, Scholastic Magazine’s website has nearly 5,000 articles on behavior problems and learning disabilities.

The website has more than 2,500 articles on ADHD symptoms. A much smaller website, has 164 articles. The US Department of Education has 590 articles. I could go on, but I assure you that the environment is permeated with information about this diagnosis.

Your Family Doctor May Be Next In Line

The school faculty may recommend that you take your child to your family doctor for further evaluation. Right here, there is a conflict – again, even if your doctor is a caring, honest individual and a good doctor. Here’s why:

Although your doctor is professionally qualified to prescribe medication, your doctor will be very poorly compensated for dedicating the appropriate amount of time to determining the real causes of poor behavior or focus in the classroom, based on the methods for reimbursement that are assigned by the insurance industry.

Even the National Institute for Mental Health notes that diagnosing ADHD symptoms can’t be accomplished in a single test or visit. Their website states: “No single test can diagnose a child as having ADHD.” Their standard of care includes collecting detailed information about the child, his behavior and the environment and ruling out other causes for the symptoms.

This is the most important piece of information for the parent of a child that has been officially or unofficially diagnosed with ADHD: Rule out every possibility for other causes of this problem! That’s what we are doing in my practice and I assure you, many families are learning with relief that these other causes exist, and that there are ADHD natural remedies. Call us if you need help. (636) 391-1611

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