Natural Remedies for ADHD symptoms

What natural remedies exist for ADHD?

The first thing to understand about ADHD is that it is a label that has been assigned to a person who has exhibited a number of symptoms. These symptoms are cumulative affects of something that is negatively impacting a person’s life in some way. In fact, the National Institute of Mental Health has stated that the exact causes of ADHD are unknown. This is a very important statement to consider.

ADHD Drugs can be a shortcut

If the causes for a series of symptoms is unknown, then it stands to reason that any cures devised would be working – if they are working – for unknown reasons. Or – the drugs that are being used aren’t actually curing anything, but are simply masking the symptoms instead of addressing them.

And it turns out this is exactly the case. Again, according to the National Institute of mental health, “there is currently no cure for the disorder.”

This means that any drugs that are prescribed aren’t curing anything – they are covering up symptoms. And when you cover up symptoms, you make it harder to discover what is truly causing them.

And unfortunately, these ADHD drugs can have some pretty nasty side effects.

Instead of covering up symptoms, we should find out what is causing them.

My philosophy is to trace back the causes of the symptoms the patient is suffering from. If the cause can be isolated, then it can be addressed and the symptom can be alleviated.

For example, a common symptom ascribed to ADHD is restlessness. However, restlessness can have a cause that can be located and a natural, drug-free remedy found.

  • Nutrition. A malnourished body can interfere with concentration and can wreak havoc with sleep patterns.
  • Undiscovered pain. Children sometimes can’t communicate pain as well as adults. They may have grown up with a chronic headache and think that it is “normal.” They may have back pain. These can be resolved without ADHD medication.

The default should be natural remedies

Especially because we don’t know what causes “ADHD” and there are admittedly no cures, we should be particularly careful when prescribing man-made substances to address them. These medications are lab-created addictive drugs that are sold on the street for their “high.”

Instead, we should be attempting to resolve as many symptoms as possible using natural and gentle means that don’t cause addiction, stroke or a host of other problems.

My Student Health Analysis for ADHD symptoms service carefully examines the symptoms that the patient is suffering from, and I attempt to isolate possible causes and their natural remedies. Please call my office today to come in for a consultation. (636) 391-1611

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