Miraculous Result From Activator Technique Treatment Of Young Boy

The Miraculous Activator Technique

I found a case in the history of activator treatment that really impressed me the other day. It involved a five-year old boy who had already been through surgery to correct spina bifida. That’s the birth defect where part of the spine in the low back is exposed. In other words, the bone and skin that should cover the spinal column did not form. Sometimes the bundle of nerves we call the spinal cord may protrude through this opening, and they can easily be damaged. One of the effects of this condition is a lack of bowel or urinary control.

He’d had another spinal cord condition corrected at the same time. I won’t go into the details of that one but one of the effects of that condition was the same symptom – lack of control of the bowels or urination.

So this little boy had been through surgery to correct these serious defects. The surgery was successful but guess what? The lack of bowel or urinary control persisted beyond the successful surgery. It should have resolved, but it didn’t. He should have had the freedom of any five-year-old child but instead he was trapped in diapers.


Chiropractic To A Young Boy’s Rescue

happy boySomeone got this child’s mother to take the child to a chiropractor. In this case, the chiropractor uses an activator to adjust, like I do. This would be a very good technique to use in a case like this where a small child might not be able to cooperate as fully as an older child or adult.

There were only five treatments over a four-week period. You can guess what the result was, I bet. Yes, he gained control of his bowel and urinary function. He kept it, day and night, for six months when another four treatments were needed.

Those four additional treatments restored the bladder and bowel control.


Activator Methods Help Me Achieve My Purpose

I read something like this and I think about how it would seem to someone who does not understand chiropractic. It would seem simply miraculous. The fact that I do understand how chiropractic can get this result does not make it any less of a miracle. I’m very blessed that I can bring this kind of results to my patients every day.

I hope this article makes you feel like you can achieve some improvement you need. If there is a health condition you need help with, I hope you will let us help. Call my office at 636-391-1611 and let’s talk.

If you want to know more about the activator I use to bring about this kind of miracle in my practice, you can visit this page about activator technique to learn more.

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