Can Millions Of American Children Really Suffer From ADHD Symptoms?

Can Millions Of American Children Really Suffer From ADHD Symptoms?

So you have been told that your child shows Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms. If so, you should not feel lonely. You are part of a huge crowd of parents who have received this report.

According to a 2013 CNN report, eleven percent of American children (ages 4 through 17) have ADHD. This statistic is based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What is even more shocking is that the CDC data also indicated that almost one out of five high school aged boys have this problem.

You know what the ADHD symptoms are. I don’t have to go into them with you. But one in five? There’s something seriously wrong here.

Looking For Real Causes Has Been Omitted

If we assume for a moment that this statistic is correct, what it really indicates is NOT that many more children need to be given addictive drugs. It really means that we have millions of children who are unsuccessfully struggling with some problem who are then showing these symptoms. There are so many other causes that can and should be investigated. Then these other causes can either be addressed or crossed off the list of possible contributing factors.

Allergies, undiagnosed pain or illness, exposure to environmental toxins or food additives, lack of exercise – sometimes even factors like bullying or abuse that has never been reported to parents can skew someone’s behavior badly. Then all you see is the outside manifestation. If a doctor or psychologist prescribes one of the ADHD medications, all that will happen is that these symptoms will be covered up. The ADHD causes that should be found will never be located.

The absolute most tragic aspect of this problem is that millions of children who should have access to help may never get it because the source of their symptoms is never located.

ADHD in American Children - Wellness ChiropracticADHD Help Is Available

I don’t want any child to be left struggling with this problem. I offer a Student Health Analysis service to help isolate the causes that may be creating the ADHD symptoms. Contact my office today for help. (636) 391-1611

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