Method Of Pain-Free Chiropractic: The Activator

The Activator Method: Pain-Free Chiropractic

Some of the patients I see in my practice are seeing their first chiropractor. I’ve been told that they chose to come to a practitioner who uses the Activator adjusting instrument because they were never comfortable with the idea of the quick twisting and bending that occurs during a traditional chiropractic adjustment. I can understand that. Different people have different needs. I enjoy being able to offer this gentle chiropractic method to those who want the results chiropractic can offer.

There’s another reason people like the Activator technique. Sometimes when you are already in pain, it’s hard to relax enough to let the bones move back into their proper and natural places. Because the body automatically tenses up to protect a painful area, a joint may resist being put through its range of motion. The Activator adjusting instrument moves so quickly that it can cause a change in the alignment of your spine without challenging those muscles. So I can help you recover from an injury without your having to anticipate discomfort during treatment.


Special Training Needed to Use the Activator Adjusting Instrument

Method Of Pain Free Chiropractic - Wellness ChiropracticWhen a chiropractor adjusts you with this instrument, he has had special training on using it in just the right way to get the best results. Those of us who use this tool take pride in making chiropractic care available to those who might not otherwise be able to tolerate adjustments, like the tiniest of babies.

Childbirth can be traumatic and some newborns benefit from a chiropractic examination and adjustment. If a baby cries excessively or has colic, a very gentle adjustment may make a significant difference. The smallest of taps with this instrument can provide all the change that is needed to relieve the baby’s pain and enable the muscles to relax and the organs to start to function normally.

Seniors also benefit from use of the Activator adjusting instrument. Some older people are not as agile as they were and are not comfortable being twisted and torqued. It may be hard for them to turn over to get into the right positions for traditional chiropractic.

If you think you may benefit from this gentle form of chiropractic, I invite you to take advantage of my special offer just for new patients. For just $100, you can get x-rays, your initial examination, a report of my findings, your first adjustment using the Activator technique and we even include a 30-minute massage. This gives you a very affordable way to see what chiropractic can do for you. I hope you’ll call us soon at (636) 391-1611.

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