Lower Back Pain And Activator Method Benefits

Lower Back Pain And The Activator

If you have not been adjusted with an Activator adjusting instrument, you might be in for a treat. Many people find they are less Lower Back Pain - Wellness Chiropractictense when they are adjusted using this method. That’s one of the things I like best about using the Activator adjusting instrument – a patient’s muscles don’t have a chance to tense up when I’m adjusting.

This hand-held, spring-loaded instrument applies a very small, focused area of measured force to the exact location of your body that needs it. While it has application for structural problems up and down the entire spine, it has been a vital tool to help people recover from lower back pain.


Ease Of Adjusting The Lower Back

If you have ever injured your lower back, then you know how hard it is to function when the muscles spasm. You might also remember that it may have been hard to move around so the chiropractic could adjust your lower back. It delights me to be able to help a patient recover lower back mobility and flexibility without having to ask them to turn over repeatedly during treatment.

With the Activator adjusting instrument, they can simply relax into a comfortable, face-down position and let me treat them.

Activator Methods For The Young And Elderly

It can be a little difficult to get sufficient cooperation from babies, toddlers and small children, and the elderly may not be comfortable with some manual adjusting techniques. The Activator adjusting instrument is perfect in both these situations.

I just found a case study of Activator Method use for an 83-year-old patient who had hurt his back while lifting his disabled wife into their truck. He was smart to seek out a chiropractor who could help him. He was suffering from severe pain by the time he made it to the chiropractic office.

It only took eight adjustments with Activator Methods to provide stable relief from this pain.

As this elderly patient had previously suffered from osteoporosis and multiple compression fractures, the Activator adjusting instrument was the perfect way to stabilize his lower back and providing lasting relief without stress to his skeletal structure.

If you have never experienced the accuracy of an Activator Method adjustment, you may really like the result. I’ve created a special offer to help you get started at a very reasonable cost: An initial exam, x-rays, an Activator Technique adjustment plus a 30-minute massage for just $100. You’ll definitely notice the difference after this treatment! Read more information about our new patient offer then call my office for your appointment today. (636) 391-1611

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