Jaw Pain? Try The Activator Method

The Activator Method Can Reduce Jaw Pain After Dental Work

Nobody likes root canals, I think that’s a safe assumption. So how would you like to have EIGHT root canals on the same tooth? That’s what happened to one poor 30-year-old woman. I don’t have the data to hand as to why there were eight but there must have been some kind of problem or pain after each one, leading the dentist or endodontist to perform another to try to solve the problem.

After eight root canals, this poor woman was in constant pain. I’m not surprised, frankly. She not only had constant pain radiating from the temporomandibular joint or TMJ (the pivot point for your jaw, located near your ear) to her shoulder, she had a headache and a feeling of congestion in her right ear. She also suffered from tinnitus (ringing in one or both ears) and impaired hearing.


jaw pain - wellness chiropracticsShe Had Chronic Jaw Pain

To make things worse, this pain and these problems went on for SEVEN YEARS. Fortunately, she finally consulted with a chiropractor who works with an Activator adjusting instrument in his practice.

I wrote about the Activator adjusting instrument and TMJ a few weeks ago. This instrument is particularly well suited to correcting problems with the TMJ. And if you have ever looked into TMJ problems, it is very common for them to begin after a visit to the dentist or other oral physician, because there can be trauma to the jaw at these times.


Chronic Jaw Pain Resolved With Activator Method

Well, the dental treatments didn’t work and neither did the medication. I don’t have her chart to hand, of course, but I would think that pre-chiropractic, her dentist or orthodontist might have tried antibiotics in case there was a concealed infection, maybe some anti-inflammatory drugs and, of course, painkillers. Whatever they tried, none of them helped.

The chiropractor, of course, proceeded to administer a course of treatment with the Activator adjusting instrument. Within the first five months, her pain dropped dramatically, along with a reduction in headaches. She was better able to eat solid food and she could open her jaw farther.

It took twenty months to totally resolve, which might sound long but remember, she had been suffering for seven long years.

This story was carried on the National Institutes of Health website, from a case study published in the Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

I hope that if you ever find yourself suffering from neck pain, headaches or other problems after dental work, you find a chiropractor who uses the Activator adjusting instrument to either remedy the problem or rule out the TMJ as the source. This enables you to find the most gentle form of chiropractic as a remedy for your problem.

If you are anywhere near Ballwin, Missouri and you suffer from chronic jaw pain, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of our new patient offer.

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