Health Comes From Above/Down, Inside/Out

Observers through the history of mankind have noted this Intelligence and have referred to it in many ways. This is the Above/Down component. We are connected to the Universal Intelligence, which flows Above/Down and expresses from the Inside to the Outside. (Health comes from within)

How does this Intelligence flow through the body?…

The Controller Of Health In Our Body Is The Brain And Nerve System
The brain and nerve system control and co-ordinate life energy and therefore all of our functions, including our digestion, circulation and respiration.
Mental impulses flow from the brain, down the spinal cord, out between the movable spinal vertebrae in the spinal nerves to all parts of the body. There is a reciprocal flow that comes back from all the organs and cells of the body to the brain, telling the brain what is happening.

So how do we get sick?

Disease Doesn’t Just Happen…It Develops For A Reason
When we encounter stressors, our nerve system is the first to respond. If our body can’t adapt, the nerve system responds by short circuiting less important areas for the good of the important areas. Commonly this short-circuiting process involves a subluxation (we’ll discuss subluxations shortly).
Compromised position sets the scene for a state of dis-ease. As dis-ease continues, a state of symptomatic expression starts to manifest. Welcome to the pathological chain of events that leads to named conditions and sickness.
Disease, even though often classified as such, is not an entity.
Disease could be compared to darkness it is a lack of something, a lack of health.

What are these stressors?…

This Is The True Cause Of Lost Health
We live in a world that includes many stressors. These stressors come in one of three forms:

1. Physical – Birth trauma, slips falls, accidents, poor seating.
2. Chemical – Nutritionally deficient food, drugs, pollution.
3. Mental/Emotional – Negative thoughts, feelings, environmental influences.

When the stressor exceeds our body’s ability to defend against it, we succumb.

When are we most susceptible?…

The Formative Years
Outside of major traumas in our life (car accidents, falls, poisoning etc), our bodies are most vulnerable to external stressors when the body is rapidly growing. (The first two years of our life is our most rapid neuronal growth phase).
It would seem that from conception to post-puberty, our bodies are most susceptible to the influences of our environment.

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