What’s better than prevention?

Corrective Care

Corrective Care is based on the observation that the more organized a system is (eg our bodies) and the better it communicates within itself (through the central nervous system), the higher its function (health, productivity).

The process of Corrective Care is to support the body in regenerating and laying down a new and healthier structure. This process takes time. Examples of regeneration in the human body are orthodontics (where teeth & bone change over time) and body-building (where strength and endurance improve through a concentrated training program).

However, the body is constantly regenerating it’s up to you to choose how healthy your regenerated cells are. If there’s a more optimal environment for the newly regenerated cells this month than there was last month, then your function (health, productivity) will be improved proportionately. One of the major influences on your body’s environment is your nerve system. The regular removal of subluxations (we’ll talk about them shortly) will ensure that the power’s on for your body’s amazing ability to regenerate and be well.

Now you are starting to get the idea? There is a lot more to life and health than most people realize.

Having gained better function, the challenge is, so you stop working on what’s worked to bring about this change or do you go to the next level of possibility.

Wellness Care?

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