Why Do People Consult Chiropractors?

There are 5 reasons people come to chiropractors.

  1. To get a disease or problem treated.  
  2.  To prevent a disease or problem.
  3. To get your body working better.
  4. To be as healthy as possible.
  5. To express your fullest potential.

Three types of treatment

Relief Treatment

This is the dominant approach to health care today in the Western world. It is based on the notion that health is the absence of disease. Its focus is on the symptoms and its highest goal is to relieve the symptoms.

Chiropractors can provide relief for back pain, joint trouble, sports injuries, headaches and a host of other pains. I have many successes treating these. However, as soon as relief is accomplished, we like to continue to help the patient and prevent future pain as well. This is done with preventative and wellness care.

Preventative Care

Obtaining relief from symptoms is a gratifying experience; however being not sick does not equal being well.
Preventative or Stabilization Care is focused on preventing a reoccurrence of the presenting symptoms.
The limits of this type of care are that the focus is on what we DON’T want (sickness), rather than what we DO want (health).

Corrective Care

Corrective Care is based on the observation that the more organized a system is (eg our bodies) and the better it communicates within itself (through the central nervous system), the higher its function (health, productivity).

The process of Corrective Care is to support the body in regenerating and laying down a new and healthier structure. This process takes time. Examples of regeneration in the human body are orthodontics (where teeth & bone change over time) and body-building (where strength and endurance improve through a concentrated training program).

However, the body is constantly regenerating it’s up to you to choose how healthy your regenerated cells are. If there’s a more optimal environment for the newly regenerated cells this month than there was last month, then your function (health, productivity) will be improved proportionately. One of the major influences on your body’s environment is your nerve system. The regular removal of subluxations (we’ll talk about them shortly) will ensure that the power’s on for your body’s amazing ability to regenerate and be well.

Now you are starting to get the idea? There is a lot more to life and health than most people realize.

Having gained better function, the challenge is, so you stop working on what’s worked to bring about this change or do you go to the next level of possibility.

Wellness Care

Wellness care is maintaining your health in an optimum state at all times.

Wellness Care is about helping our bodies to adapt to the various stressors that we encounter in our everyday life (physical, mental and chemical). As well as applying appropriate chiropractic care, the focus of Wellness Care also includes modifying and/or reducing the stressors in our life. Wellness Care provides the vehicle for people to embrace the next phase of their journey.

Transformative Care

Transformative Care

The journey through to Wellness Care was, in the early phases, moving away from what was NOT wanted (disease), and then became a quest towards what WAS wanted (optimum health).

Chiropractic is focused on removing interferences from the nervous system that can occur when the structural system (cranium, spine & pelvis) malfunctions (subluxation).

Subluxations are a physical entity that can affect the quantity of the nerve impulses between the brain and the body. Our perspective on life is a powerful influence on the quality of the nerve impulses between brain and body.

Transformative Care is focused on the QUALITY of the nerve impulse. Transformative Care is an appreciation, and complete acceptance, of the gift of life.

Rather than visiting your chiropractor to get or stay healthy, the purpose becomes one of having a clear nerve system that allows us to integrate and utilize the power and the gift of the stressors of our life, rather than controlling them.

Transformative Care is not so much about being well, it’s about being grateful for life!

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