Drugless ADHD Cures

Introducing Drugless ADHD Cures

ADHD - Wellness ChiropracticFor a parent of a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – it can be very difficult to find out what choices you have for improvement – especially if you are looking for a drugless approach. You can’t blame a parent for not knowing that there are other solutions than just giving his child a pill. The amount of information being distributed by those promoting pharmaceutical solutions overwhelms the alternatives.

Just as a test, I wanted to see what a parent would typically find if he started an online search for solutions. I went to a Google search page and typed in “ADHD.” When I scanned the results, every result on that first page pointed to medication as part or all of the solution.

Now, to be fair, a couple of them suggested that maybe there were other actions you should take. But they all ended up with suggesting medical treatment in the form of drugs.


Google Ads for ADHD drugs in Addition to Google Search Results

Maybe you already know that the top three positions on a page of search results from Google are all paid advertising spots. In this test search, these three ads went directly to the home page for three ADHD drugs. I’m not going to name them here just because I don’t want to give them free advertising. You can make the same test and chances are very good you will come up with the same results I did.

What this means is that it can be very hard for a family to learn that there are natural cures for ADHD, that there is a doctor with an ADHD focus that will not prescribe drugs.

But that is what you will learn about in this blog. You will find out that you don’t have to drug your child to improve his (or her) ability to learn or get along well in school. You will learn about natural cures for this problem. You will also learn about the other causes that can bring about ADHD symptoms.


An Answer to Parents’ Prayers for ADHD Cure

I know that there are parents who never wanted to put their children on medication unless that child was provably, medically ill. I believe that many of these parents will find out that they were as right as they knew in their hearts they had to be.

Children do their best when they are healthy and loved. There are many sources for ADHD symptoms that can be eliminated, if you know what tests to run and what stimuli to remove from the child’s diet or environment.

If you have a child who has received this diagnosis, I invite you to follow this blog and learn what you can do to improve the problem without ever going near a drug. I will provide basic information as well as explain the tests and treatments I can provide that can bring relief.

Check back once a week for updates and keep this door to a drugless, healthy solution to ADHD open wide


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