ADHD – Does It Exist?

Does ADHD Really Exist?

Some experts who may have supported the idea of an ADHD diagnosis in the past have changed their minds when they watched how that diagnosis was implemented over a period of forty or fifty years.  But you don’t see these changes of heart reported on the front page. You have to look a little deeper. Then you’ll find the reports.

One such figure is Dr. Leon Eisenberg. He was a well known child psychiatrist who was an early advocate of researching children’s developmental problems. His early research included clinical trials of drugs to be used in child psychiatry.

He didn’t define (or invent) the disorder that is now called ADHD, but he contributed greatly to the body of knowledge that the diagnosis and treatment draw from. In the year before his death from prostate cancer (2009), Dr. Eisenberg was interviewed by the German magazine Der Spiegel. Dr. Eisenberg is quoted in this article as saying, “ADHD is a prime example of a fabricated disorder.”

Dr. Edward Hamlyn had even harsher words for this disorder. He said, “ADHD is fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction.” Dr. Hamlyn is a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Has Your Child Been Diagnosed With ADHD?

If s/he has, then I have some advice for you. Don’t believe everything you are told. Do your own homework. Research the subject and alternatives. Decide for yourself if ADHD actually does exist or not.

You will find out that not everyone agrees with this diagnosis. Some practitioners, like Dr. Maryann Block of the Block Center in Hurst, Texas, have been extremely vocal proponents of finding other methods of addressing behavior or concentration problems that might be labeled as ADHD.

I Can Help With Your Research And Decisions

Does ADHD Exist? - Wellness ChiropracticIn my practice, I have found that alternative methods of dealing with a label of ADHD can help many people. Unfortunately, we live in a world that has substances in food, cosmetics, even clothes, soap and paint that may trigger allergies in some people (both young and old). These allergies may manifest as a restlessness, discomfort, agitation or other symptom that a guidance counselor or medical practitioner could chalk up to ADHD.

I once saw a young man who was perfectly normal until he was given a grape soda. Then he was weaving in his chair and singing like a drunk. Between the sugar and the artificial ingredients, his system suffered an overload. If a doctor just saw him after the soda and didn’t investigate further to look for causes, he might want to medicate that child to make his behavior more “regular.” The correct solution is to eliminate the triggers and strengthen his overall health.

Just like the ADHD solution is not a drug, a real ADHD cure takes intelligent analysis and proper design of the right program for an individual. I offer a Student Health Analysis to help children and their parents discover the causes and remedies of their ADHD symptoms. Call me today at (636) 391-1611 to schedule a Student Health Analysis today.


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