Choosing the Right Office Chair For You

Last week I went over subtle exercises that can be done in the office to reduce pain and increase health.  They were intended to help give your body a break from sitting in your office chair all day.  However, I understand that even with these exercises you will still end up sitting for most of the day. This can be detrimental to your spine if you do not sit right or have the right office chair.  Odd are you aren’t sitting right and you don’t have the right chair  No worries, in the post I will inform you of some of the most highly recommended office chairs in the market.


In your search for the best chair for your office, the word you should look out for is ergonomic. Ergonomic simply means it is designed to provide comfort and avoid stress or injury (specifically to your back and neck in this case). Typically if it is a chair that is good for your back or neck then it will be labeled as an ergonomic chair. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best chair. In order to ensure your comfort and health, I will list and describe some of the top rated ergonomic office chairs.


1.  Herman Miller Embody Chair

This is considered by most to be the Rolls Royce of office chairs. Embody replicates the look, feels and movement of the spine. The seat is designed to move with you so that blood continues to flow all day in order keep your heart rate steady. This chair gets rated nearly 5 stars on almost every site that it’s sold on. However it does in fact come at a hefty price of about $1,109. If you want the best and money is not an issue then this is the ideal chair for you.


2. Hag Capisco Chair

This unique designed chair is made for movement. This chair is designed with cutouts and shaped to allow the person sitting to straddle the seat, lean over one side, or sit regularly. This chair also runs about $850, but prices can vary. So if you find yourself constantly changing positions while sitting and money isn’t too much of an issue, this is the chair for you

3. Sitonit Focus Task Chair

This is a good chair for a reasonable price. It may not have the unique look and comfort of the previous two, but it does cost a lot less. The price can vary depending on what extra features you get, but can go as low as about $120. This chair has a mesh back and a waterfall seat that does not block off circulation from the hips.  The Focus company also offers side chairs and executive chairs that allow for an array of seating for all different areas of work.


4. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

This is new and improved version of the classic Mirra chair.  It has a lighter weight frame that allows for more adaptability and responsiveness. This version uses less product making it lighter and makes it a greener alternative to several other chairs. Price on this one can vary, but it usually starts around $600.

5. Humanscale Saddle Seat

It may seem odd that I included a stool on here, but several business do have stools and I felt it was important to put one up here just in case. This Saddle Seat is one of Humanscale’s award winning pieces. This seat has a saddle like posture because this position helps the spine adjust into a natural curve.  Humanscale is a brand that revolves around ergonomics and they offer several other products that help you work healthier.  This product usually goes for about $300.

These are the top 5 seating recommendation that I have. There are several other products that are similar to these and help promote good health, but I just figured I would name a few. I encourage you to invest in your chair. You use it most of the day for Christ sakes, why not make it the best. The right chair can work wonders for your spine and general health.


Don’t let your chair bring you down


And if you have back pain, lower back pain or knots in your shoulders from sitting all day long, call me today and arrange for your pain consultation. I’ll help you get to the bottom of your pain and help you get relief. (636) 391-1611


P.S. Be sure to check out my blog next week to find out the proper way to sit at your computer to avoid pain and promote health.

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