Sitting Improperly Affects More Than Your Spine

In my last blog post, I discussed the proper ways to sit/stand at your desk to avoid back and neck pain. To some, a little back or neck pain is a way of life. They don’t consider that it is something that can be fixed and they don’t see the back pain for what it […]

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Sit Right

In the last few blogs I have posted I went over the dangers of sitting all day. As I outlined before, it is not good to remain seated for a majority of the day. The body is not built for it. Which is why in one of my older blog posts I went over some […]

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Choosing the Right Office Chair For You

Last week I went over subtle exercises that can be done in the office to reduce pain and increase health.  They were intended to help give your body a break from sitting in your office chair all day.  However, I understand that even with these exercises you will still end up sitting for most of […]

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Exercise at the Office

In my last post I talked about how sitting too long in the office can have some bad side effects. I mentioned that sitting in your chair too long can not only lead to back problems, but also lead to high cholesterol, high blood sugar and create a 64% better chance of dying from heart […]

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Sitting Your Life Away

There is a silent killer among us. It is at our very own office. It is a thing that we would never expect, yet we trust it to support us day in and day out. I’m talking of course, of our chair. Never would have guessed, right? It turns out that prolonged periods of sitting […]

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Scientific Support For The Activator Method

Scientific Support For Activator Method If you have ever been adjusted using the Activator adjusting instrument, then you will know the beneficial effects it can provide. Many of my patients arrive at my practice because they have been adjusted with this instrument elsewhere and want to continue. But if you have not been adjusted this […]

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Method Of Pain-Free Chiropractic: The Activator

The Activator Method: Pain-Free Chiropractic Some of the patients I see in my practice are seeing their first chiropractor. I’ve been told that they chose to come to a practitioner who uses the Activator adjusting instrument because they were never comfortable with the idea of the quick twisting and bending that occurs during a traditional […]

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Low Back Pain: One Of The World’s Most Widespread Problems

Low Back Pain vs The World In my career, I’ve seen quite a few patients with low back pain, but this statistic I just found startled me. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) notes that at any particular moment, 31 million Americans are suffering from low back pain. That’s more than one in ten. One half […]

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Jaw Pain? Try The Activator Method

The Activator Method Can Reduce Jaw Pain After Dental Work Nobody likes root canals, I think that’s a safe assumption. So how would you like to have EIGHT root canals on the same tooth? That’s what happened to one poor 30-year-old woman. I don’t have the data to hand as to why there were eight […]

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Lower Back Pain And Activator Method Benefits

Lower Back Pain And The Activator If you have not been adjusted with an Activator adjusting instrument, you might be in for a treat. Many people find they are less tense when they are adjusted using this method. That’s one of the things I like best about using the Activator adjusting instrument – a patient’s […]

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