Activator Technique — A Gentler Alternative To Traditional Chiropractic Technique

“Doc, Get The Activator!”

Pretty often, when I get a new patient, I have to introduce them to the Activator Technique. If you’ve never seen one of these, it’s a low-force, gentle method of providing gentle chiropractic care. An Activator adjusting instrument is a handheld tool that delivers a precise amount and extent of quick pressure to a part of a patient’s body.

Instead of the kind of chiropractic adjustment you might have experienced that involves twisting some parts of the body and giving them a quick movement, an Activator adjusting instrument allows a person to lie quietly while I make my examination and adjustment. With an Activator, I can deliver small, precise thrusts along the spine or to the extremities.

The use of the Activator enables me to provide low-force care to those who might not be comfortable with traditional adjustments. Activator Methods are very often preferred by the elderly, and may work better on children who may not sit still for other types of adjustments. They are great for babies. Since the force of an Activator adjusting instrument can be adjusted, the tiniest bit of thrust can be therapeutic for newborns and not uncomfortable in the least.

Use of Activator Technique is also helpful for pregnant women who may not be able to get into all the positions they could before pregnancy. It can also be of benefit for a child or an adult with a disability who has limited mobility. Even a child with an intellectual disability can benefit because with Activator Methods, the child does not have to participate in the adjustment to any marked degree.


Activator Method - Wellness ChiropracticWhat Health Conditions Does The Activator Technique Help?

There are many. I’ve found it to be very effective in alleviating the cause of migraine headaches or for helping a person recover from lower back pain. I’ve even had excellent results in patients with problems that you might not associate with chiropractic. Problems like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), low immunity resulting in the same minor illnesses year after year, and low levels of energy. Here is one of the testimonials from my patients who was treated with Activator Methods.


My Patients Love Activator Technique

I’ve had patients call to tell me, “I’m coming in, Doc, go get your Activator!” I love providing this gentle form of chiropractic care in my practice because it suits everyone, young or old. If you’ve never tried it, you should learn how your body can respond to this precise, low-force touch. I’ve created a special offer just for new patients to my practice.

Find out how good you can feel after an activator adjustment and a thirty minute massage. We’ll also do x-rays so we can determine what long-range corrections you might benefit from, all for just $100. This is a great way to see the results for yourself. To schedule your new patient appointment, just call my office at 636-391-1611

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