The Activator Technique – Nice And Gentle

What Does The Activator Technique Feel Like?

When I talk to new patients or friends who have never received a chiropractic adjustment with an activator, that’s a question I hear sometimes. Some people will ask if it burns, pinches or stings.

I assure you, it does none of those things. I guess these people are used to going to a medical doctor where the treatments hurt. The Activator Adjusting Instrument is preferred by many people specifically because it is so gentle.

I think most people would describe the sensation of being adjusted by an activator as getting a light tapping. It’s very precise, which is one of its biggest advantages. It is normally pain-free. The tap is provided by a flexible tip on a hand-held tool. This tool can be manual or electric and the amount the tip moves (and the depth of the small, precise thrust delivered) can be adjusted by the practitioner.


wellness chiropractic - activator techniqueWhy is Activator Technique Better for Some People?

If you’ve been a chiropractic patient before, you may have noticed that, if you didn’t relax completely when the chiropractor made his move, the adjustment could be painful. There’s some positions needed for adjustments that make it a little hard to really relax enough for the adjustment to have the complete, optimum effect it’s capable of.

Even very experienced patients can have trouble relaxing enough. Activator Technique eliminates this problem completely. The body does not have to go through a range of motion in order for an adjustment to take place. The Activator adjusting instrument applies precise pressure to the exact place that needs more movement.

The Activator Technique also acts much faster than a patient can react. The small thrust is applied in exactly the right place before a person can react to it. This often means that patients may be less sore after an adjustment than they might be used to.


Some Patients Don’t Like The Cracking Of Chiropractic Adjustments – Activator Technique Is The Answer

I have had some people tell me that they don’t like hearing the noise that accompanies a conventional chiropractic adjustment. For that reason, they prefer treatment with the activator.

Some older people like the gentle touch of this form of treatment.

And as I mentioned before, it’s great for babies or small children.

I hope I have given you a little more understanding of Activator Methods and why I find them so beneficial in my practice. If you’re looking for a more gentle kind of treatment, I’ve created a very special offer to let you try out Activator Technique at minimal cost.

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