Activator Methods

Dr. JC Carpenter is an expert in administering Activator Methods for his chiropractic patients. Activator Technique is a safe, effective means of addressing numerous body problems and helping patients achieve better health.

What is Activator Technique?

Activator Methods are the result of over 25 years of clinical research. It was developed to give Chiropractors and their patients a low-force method of adjusting the patients’ spines, using a specially-designed Activator adjusting instrument. Because the technique is low-force but high-speed, it is unparalleled as a technique that is safe, comfortable and effective.

How does the Activator adjusting instrument work?

During a typical chiropractic adjustment, the Doctor of Chiropractic uses his hands to apply pressure to the area needing to be adjusted. If you’ve received an adjustment, then you know that the body tenses during this adjustment. It is a typical reflex reaction that is difficult to overcome. It is this reflexive tension that can cause an adjustment to be uncomfortable and can necessitate multiple manipulations within the same adjustment.

The Activator instrument bypasses the body’s reflex mechanism by delivering the needed corrective pressure faster than the reflexes can trigger the muscles around the area needing the adjustment.

Because the body remains loose during the adjustment, less force is needed to make the adjustment – making it a very gentle form of chiropractic technique.

What body problems can be helped by Activator Technique?

Any of the aches, pains and wellness issues that are addressed by chiropractic healing can also be resolved by Activator Methods. Some of these include:

– headaches
– backaches
– lower back pain
– migraines
– low energy

Is Activator Technique safe?

The Activator adjusting instrument applies a small amount of force at the exact spot needed for a spinal adjustment. Because it bypasses the body’s reflex that causes the muscles to tense up, it requires a shorter and less intense application of force than a standard chiropractic adjustment.

While there is some inherent risk with any activity which involves the body, all chiropractic techniques are relatively safe – especially when compared with the risks involved with surgery. Chiropractors have some of the lowest malpractice insurance rates of any doctors – a sure sign that chiropractic care is relatively incident-free.

Is Activator Technique effective?

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. J.C. has found great success using Activator Methods. The purpose of anyone active in the healing arts is to help people feel their best.

The testimonials of patients who’ve been treating using Activator Methods is strong evidence of the workability of the Activator Technique.

How do I know that Activator Technique will help me?

The best way to determine your course of treatment is to visit with the doctor who will be applying it. After an initial consultation, Dr. J.C. will discuss your best treatment options and what results you can expect to achieve.

Dr. J.C. Carpentercan help you using the gentle chiropractic method of Activator technique. And just for new patients, Wellness Chiropractic has developed a special offer for new patients that includes an Activator adjustment and a 30 minute massage! 

Call today to set a time for your visit. (636) 391-1611

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